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Cardas Golden Reference 2 x 2m ( sprzedany )


Referencyjny kabel głośnikowy Cardas’a. Brak „osłodzeń”, neutralny dźwięk i pełna barwa.

4900 PLN

Przedstawiona oferta cenowa ma charakter informacyjny i nie stanowi oferty handlowej w rozumieniu Art.66 par.1 Kodeksu Cywilnego.


„Sound Stage magazine ” – Sound smooth and detailed, physical in the bass, and not at all warm and rich, as earlier Cardas cables had sounded.” „In the end, what defines the sound of Golden Reference interconnects and speaker cables more than anything is their high level of neutrality, real neutrality, not the thin, washed-out sound that audiophiles often think represents neutrality.”

Features For „Golden Reference interconnects, three 26AWG pure-copper conductors are used with Teflon and air dielectrics to produce a cable with a mere 7pF per foot capacitance in balanced configuration, 12pF per foot single-ended.” „Each polarity of Golden Reference speaker cable is 3.5AWG due to the use of 816 individual conductors — 12 bundles of 68 conductors, 408 for each positive and negative leg. This produces a speaker cable whose capacitance is 36.9pF per foot.”

Use „Break-in is very important with Cardas Golden Reference. Out of their baggies, both the interconnects and speaker cables sound anything but musical. There’s ample treble glare and hardness that translate into too much edge definition…. It takes, at a minimum, 100 hours of use to eliminate this.”

Value „You can find interconnects and speaker cables that will better them in one specific way or another, but the Golden Reference cables’ self-effacing way with music is something that few other cables achieve, and they cost less than most other top-of-the-line competition.”


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